SOS Räddningsstege strumpa


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SOS Marine

SOS Recovery Ladder can now be set up in readiness for fast deployment.


Due to popular demand from short-handed crews and those who want to prepare well beforehand, the Australian-designed SOS Recovery Ladder can now be enclosed in its own ‘sock’ for attachment to the toe rail, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.


Once the ladder is secured to boat, it is then concertina folded into the sock leaving the release rope protruding downwards. The ladder can then be extended out by pulling down on the release rope whilst at sea level.


The SOS Recovery Ladder is a two-in-one safety system designed to perform two types of recovery using the one product. The rungs can be used as a ladder or the entire shape can be used to lift an injured party horizontally, parbuckle recovery style.


Unlike typical boarding ladders, the ‘soft’ design of the mesh boarding ladder with lightweight rungs is designed not to injure the MOB when the boat rolls.


The SOS Recovery ladder was recently short-listed for the prestigious Design Award METS (DAME) competition held in conjunction with the METSTRADE show.




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