Mariner Welders

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The Mariner 275N Welders lifejacket is ideal for use by workers conducting welding activities in marine environments. This Lifejacket has a tough PanotexR aluminized cover protecting it from molten metal splashes and sparks.


  • Durable aluminized Panotex silver wipe clean cover
  • FR Touch and close fastening cover
  • Stainless steel interlocking belt buckles
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Detachable crutch strap
  • Marine grade stainless steel D-ring in front


  • Single chamber
  • Bladder in Fr fabric
  • Oral inflation tube
  • SOLAS approved retro-reflective tape on bladder
  • Red recovery grab strap on bladder marked “LIFT”
  • 60g CO2 gas cylinder
  • Inflation system
  • Marine grade whistle


  • EN 399 : 1994

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