Ursuit RedQ

Exremt slitsark torrdräkt för de mest krävande dyken. Extra bra synlighet.

Ursuit Cordura RedQ is developed for the distinctive requirements of rescue diving and surface rescue operations. Durable material and high visibility make the suit also a perfect choice for wreck divers and technical divers. RedQ is made of highly durable three-layer Cordura material. In addition to its robustness, the suit provides a first-class ergonomy and comfort.

A complete set of reflectors as standard enhances the safety of all dives. Front zipper allows the user to don the suit without assistance. The cover flap on the dry zipper protects the zipper from sand and dirt, as well as prevents the jacket from rubbing against the zipper teeth.

The suit has integrated suspenders, which together with the crotch strap enable a telescopic waist structure. These features make the suit feel like a regular garment, and adapt to user’s movements smoothly. The revised cut of the sleeves and shoulders enable excellent mobility.

The crotch seam is renewed to prevent wear-and-tear and to provide even better abrasion resistance. The RedQ has additional polyurethane Ursuit Shield-reinforcements on the knees. Roomy and easy accessible Tech-pockets, with integrated D-ring and bungee loops.


EN 14225

XS, S, S short, S tall, M, M short, M tall, L, L short, L tall, XL short, XL, XL tall, XXL short, XXL, XXL tall, XXXL short, XXXL, XXXL tall