Inflatable life jacket

We service all inflatable life jackets. Your inflatable life jacket must be checked or submitted for service annually. Seapax performs service on your inflatable life jacket so that you can use it safely. We inspect so it keeps the air pressure, change the carbon dioxide cartridge and cartridge if necessary. You can leave and pick up the vest in our store on Rålambshovsleden 42 or if you prefer to send it to us, it is also fine. Then the return shipping will be added to you.

Rescue suit / Dry suit

We arrange service on your life jacket and dry suit. Thorough review and pressure testing is the first step.
You will then receive a cost estimate that you can accept or decline. Seapax has worked with Ursuit’s suits for more than 10 years and has only now begun to receive questions about servce. We see this as a good rating for Ursuit’s suits.

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