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Bag – ISO 9650-1 Racing

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Plastimo Transocean ISO9650-1 is a life raft for long-distance sailing all year round over larger open seas or certain ocean-going sailings (eg around Gotland). Also for boats up to 20 registered tonnes in commercial traffic (boat taxi, charter, fishing guides, etc.).

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This model has extended equipment pack & gt; 24 h for sailing on water where the expected time to rescue may exceed 24 hours. The extended package contains i.a. water and food rations. See equipment list below. Keep in mind that a raft with an extended equipment package will be both heavier and have larger dimensions on the container / bag.

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Transocean ISO9650-1, like our other Plastimo life rafts, has an insulating double bottom and two independent floating chambers (one is punctured so the other still holds the air).

The floating chambers are also constructed with tube-in-tube construction for maximum wear resistance and air tightness.

Packed in a vacuum-sealed bag inside the container which gives the raft an extra long-lasting protection.

Floating chamber in signal yellow and ceiling in fluorescent orange for best visibility.

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  • Inflation temperature: -15 to + 65 degrees C
  • Ballast pockets: 4 pcs, 55 liters each
  • Floating pontoons: 2 x Ø 23 cm
  • Reflectors: 900 cm2 on the ceiling, 600 cm2 on the bottom
  • Weight with container: 53 kg
  • Dimensions container: 80x50x33 cm


  • Rainwater collector on the roof with collection container
  • Drive anchor 0.67 m2 with 30 m line
  • Castration with 30 m line
  • Liquid knife: Saw-toothed folding knife with rounded tip, easily accessible.
  • Lamp on outside roof frame 4.3cd SOLAS
  • Lamp on inside ceiling frame 0.5 cd SOLAS
  • The following equipment is stored in a waterproof, resealable pair of bags attached to the inside of the raft:
  • Air pump
  • 2 paddles
  • Requests
  • 2 sponges
  • Repair Kit
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Survival Instructions and Signal Cards
  • Seasickness pills (6 per person)
  • Seasickness bag (1 per person)
  • Handbloss SOLAS 6 pcs
  • Parachute rocket SOLAS 2
  • Chemical light rods 2 pcs
  • Signal mirror
  • Waterproof flashlight 2 pcs with spare batteries and extra light bulb
  • Whistle
  • Thermooverall SOLAS 2pcs
  • Water 1.5 liters per person
  • Matranson 500 g per person
  • First Aid ”

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