Magnipro Binoculars 7×50 Marine Compass

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7×50 Marine Compass is one of the models in the popular series of binoculars Magnipro. The result so far is nine models and fantastic response from customers! This model, which is the second binoculars, has very high quality optics and mechanics.

Good picture and easy to use
The classic boat binocular combination of 7x magnification and 50 mm front lens gives you a very bright and clear image. The “Fully Multi-Coated” optics are of very good optical quality.

The binoculars have extra large eyepieces , which makes them work great even if the user is wearing glasses or wearing sunglasses. The binoculars are also equipped with individual focus, which means that you set the binoculars for your eyes once, and then you always have sharpness from about 20 meters and up.

Built-in bearing compass
The built-in bearing compass of the brand Suunto is of high quality, which makes it clear , easy to read and stable .
You can see the compass at the bottom of the image and it is equipped with lighting which allows you to easily take a course even when it has started to get dark.

Robust and waterproof
Magnipro 7×50 Marine Compass is completely tightly sealed and gas-filled, which makes it completely waterproof and fog-free . The heavily rubberized binocular body not only makes it easy to grip, but also helps to dampen bangs.
You also have a treatment on the lenses, “ Oilphobic “, which means that the water drops that come on the optics collect and can be easily shaken off.

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