FastFind PLB 220

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The FastFind 220 PLB v2 emergency transmitter uses advanced technology and technology all packaged in a robots, light and small package.

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In an emergency, FastFind 220 PLB v2 transmits your unique ID and also your exact position via a dedicated frequency via the worldwide Cospas-Sarsat satellite system. A system dedicated to search and rescue and connected to command centers around the world. Within a few minutes, authorities and functions will be notified that you are in need and where you are and started the rescue function.

FastFind 220 PLB v2 uses the dedicated Corspas-Sarsat system, which is monitored around the world by authorities around the clock and all year round. When the alarm is activated, the device transmits your unique ID and your exact position via satellite on the frequency 406 MHz and also transmits a radio beacon signal via the frequency 121.5 MHz which the rescue functions can use to find you if necessary.

The responsible authority in Sweden is MSB, the Swedish Agency for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning. Owning a FastFind 220 PLB v2 does not mean a subscription cost for you or an additional cost in connection with alarms, nor is a special subscription or the like required. In Sweden, PLB is registered free of charge with the Air and Sea Rescue Center (JRCC). The data should be updated with current data every five years. Since 2017-06-01, the user registers his PLB in the international IBRD register, there is a link below to the Swedish Maritime Administration’s information about this. L

Some brief facts
No subscription requirements
Built-in GPS and Galileo GNSS receiver
Built-in transmitters for satellite and radio beacons
Built-in antenna
6 year battery life
Waterproof to 10m
Built-in LED lamp with SOS morning
Built-in test functions Please see data sheets for full details of functions and technical data.

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