Exposure OLAS Float-On med MOB Tech

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Multifunctional, compact and efficient work lamp. LED, charged via USB, 1-20 hours burning time

– “OLAS” Overboard Location Alert System (read OLAS information below)
– “MOB Tec” Water-activated strobe function. Starts automatically if it ends up in water.
– Efficient work lamp. LED, Max 120 lumens white light. 3 brightness levels. 20-30 degree light angle.
– Manual strobe function
– Compact. 83 x 34 mm. Weight 45 grams. Easily fits in your pocket. Floating.
– Battery level indicator

OLAS “Man Over Board” system. (see also OLAS Tags 152550 and 152551)

Small transmitter in the flashlight. The transmitter sends continuously coded signal via Bluetooth to activated apps. Everyone on board can download the free OLAS app.

If someone, for example, falls overboard, the signal is interrupted if the transmitter is out of Bluetooth range or falls under water. Activated apps then give an audible alarm and thanks to the phone’s built-in GPS memorize the position where the signal was broken. The app then provides clear information about the direction and distance to the mob position.
As the system is based on the alarm being activated when the signal is interrupted, it is safe and secure.

Can be hung in a strap around the neck, sit on a life jacket, sailing jacket or tucked in a pocket. Lifebuoy light, lifebuoy. Or thrown to distressed

Possible to connect to an unlimited number of phones or tablets.

The app – Downloads for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. “OLAS” Updated with Swedish text coming. 8 transmitters can be connected to an app. Users can be named in the app to act quickly, see who triggered the alarm and also easily ward off any false alarms.
The app shows with a large clear arrow how to steer to get to the mob position, current position, direction and distance to the mob. In addition, you can always see SOG and COG as well as a compass. The background of the app is dark so as not to disturb the night vision.


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