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Rescue ME EPIRB1, Emergency transmitter via satellite, GPS, beacon signal 121.5 MHz, 10 year battery, 5 year warranty

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30 percent smaller 330% smaller

5 year warranty15 year warranty

Retractable antennaRetractable antenna

Auto activationAuto activation underwater

Homing Beacon to aid nal location2 Fireplace signal to facilitate a SAR rescue vehicle

10 year battery life10 year battery life

Fast accurate positioningFast accurate positioning

Manual release bracketManual release bracket

Link via satellite to Emergency Services2Send via satellite to the rescue service

Class 3 approvedClass 3 approved (for AUS / NZ)

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30% (type) less
10 year battery life
48+ hours usage time
5 year warranty
Fast and accurate positioning thanks to a 66-channel GPS
Retractable antenna
Quick release bracket
There is a string under the rubber cover to bind the EPIRB
RescueME EPIRB1 provides peace and quiet with an impressive 10-year battery life. The world’s most compact EPIRB can always be used, due to its small size and quick release, making it easy to take with you or have it placed in your emergency bag or life raft.

A simple protective cover over the buttons prevents accidental activation, but still easy handling when needed. rescueME EPIRB1 also has two high-intensity flashing lights to maximize visibility in low light.

The retractable antenna provides maximum protection and also reduces stowage space. When needed, the antenna is easily pulled out.

If you need an even longer service life, there is the Ocean Signal E100G EPIRB, which has a full 96 hours of service life and the option of automatic release (requirements for ships under SOLAS rules).


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