EPIRB Smartfind E8 Auto

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During the fall / winter of 2017, McMurdo launched the EPIRB Smartfind 8, which is compatible with the new MEOSAR satellite network. Ensures faster detection, superior positioning accuracy and, ultimately, a much faster rescue of people or ships in distress.

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EPIRB SmarfFind E8 Auto sends emergency signals in the Cospas-Sarsat system (406 MHz) via satellite directly to the sea rescue center. In addition, it transmits the emergency frequency of the flight (121.5 MHz), which enables helicopters and sea rescue vessels to track it.

Compatible with the new MEOSAR system. The EPIRB is placed in an outdoor holder that allows it to automatically float up and start sending alarms if the ship sinks. It can also be activated manually. Meets the requirements according to GMDSS and is wheel marked. The battery lasts for 10 years but the device should be checked every 5 years. For SOLAS vessels, this is a requirement.


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