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ATB1, AIS transponder class B SOTDMA, 5W Priority transmission up to every 5 seconds.

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OCEAN SIGNAL ATB1 is an AIS transponder class B SOTDM. With 5W priority transmission up to every 5 seconds, it is a safer alternative than a standard Class B AIS transponder.
ATB1 is designed as an anti-collision tool and makes you visible to other boats and that you see other boats in your navigation equipment. Position, speed, course and heading are calculated automatically with the impressive multi-GPS receiver for accurate marine position. With 99 channels of which 33 are traceable, you always have the highest possible accuracy regardless of the boat’s position.

Other ship information such as name, call sign, type, size and MMSI number are sent out automatically. All data is easily programmed via wifi from Ocean Signal’s user-friendly app or website. Once the information is uploaded, it is stored in the device memory even if the device is turned off.

ATB1 receives AIS messages from other AIS-equipped vessels within range, which can then be sent to a chartplotter, computer, mobile or tablet from ATB1’s NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, USB or wifi output.

Thanks to the use of the superior SOTDMA standard, ATB1 differs from standard Class B (CSTDMA) AISs. You get the same priority in the network as a Class A device, which guarantees that the broadcast can always be done.

ATB1 sends the reports more often and with a higher output power than a standard Class B AIS. It transmits every 5 seconds instead of every 30 seconds and with 5W instead of 2W. You get longer range and the position is displayed much more accurately.

A multicolor LED indicator on ATB1 shows the status of the device. It means that you also see that everything works as it should. ATB1 is compact and has a waterproof design and has low energy consumption.

It is easy to install and comes complete with an external GPS antenna. All you need to do is upload ship data from a suitable device (computer, tablet or mobile). In a few minutes, you will start sending AIS data.


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