AIS Klass B CTRX Graphene W+

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Complete affordable AIS package for immediate use *! With built-in WiFi module.

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Affordable system for those who want to “try out” the wonderful world of the AIS system but do not want to spend “any amount of money”!

The package consists of AIS transponder AIS CTRX Graphene and a combination antenna for GPS and VHF – in the same unit.

The AIS unit also has a WiFi module built-in to be able to communicate wirelessly with e.g. a tablet and / or PC.

NOTE, however, that there are some limitations in the antenna system:
True Heading recommends that in the long run you “upgrade” to a significantly better (in terms of quality and length) VHF antenna. The GPS antenna in the system is perfectly OK but the VHF antenna should eventually be replaced.

You should also take into account that the limited length of the VHF antenna means that you get a limited range in how far you can send and how far away you can see ships (leisure boats “see” you generally at about 3-5Nm and larger vessels are seen at around about 7-12Nm)

The antenna must be placed at sea level due to. GPS antenna.
You can not use an existing VHF antenna for both AIS and VHF radio in this system (which requires a VHF antenna splitter for Class A and B AIS).

* For the system to work, information about the boat must be programmed: MMSI number, Call sign, name of the boat and approximate GPS antenna location (in this case the combi antenna in this package that contains GPS antennas).


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