Lifeline PRO defibrillator

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Lifeline Pro from Defibtech – the new generation of defibrillators for professional users.

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Lifeline Pro from Defibtech – the new generation of pacemakers for professional users.

The defibrillator is easy to use as it guides you with moving image, sound and text through CPR and defibrillation. It offers professional users complete manual capacity, which means that as a professional user you can control the energy level in the defibrillations and the delivery of these. The ECG curve is clearly visible on the large, high-resolution screen, and the energy level can be set manually between 25 Joules and 200 Joules.

You can adjust the volume of the sound yourself, and with a clear and distinct voice, the sound is heard even in the noisiest environments. If you still do not hear what the defibrillator says, it is good that Lifeline Pro has text instructions on the screen. Thanks to the clear video, it can also be used by a person who does not understand the language. When you buy the defibrillator, a defibrillator case with accessories is also included.

Lifeline Pro is a very durable defibrillator and has received top results in some of the most demanding tests and was ranked highest in both the fall test and the crash test. It has high water resistance where it managed to stay protected during a ride on a jet ski. It is also dust resistant and well suited for use in e.g. boats and aircraft where it vibrates properly.

18.5x24x5.8 cm

Battery replacement
4-year interval

Electrode replacement
2-year interval
Supplied with battery and electrodes

The instructions are in Swedish

8 Year Warranty

CE marked according to MDD directive. IP 55.


Weight4000 g


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