First-aid Bag

820 kr

With this bandage bag, you’re well prepared to take care of:

  • cardiac arrest
  • sprained joints
  • burns
  • cuts and major bleeding
  • eye injuries and more

Here are dressing materials for most acute injuries such as wounds, burns and eye injuries.

This is the first aid for you who want the best when you and your loved ones suffer injuries and accidents. The contents of the First Aid bag have been specially developed by our supplier, who are ambulance nurses, for an injured environment. All years of workplace accidents have given them a good idea of what injuries are most common in each industry. From experience, they also know which dressing material really works when it comes to. Therefore, you can be assured that you will receive a top-quality first-aid kit.

The bandage bag is sewn in a durable nylon material, can be opened completely and unfolded for a clear overview of the contents. The bag has a handle on the top so you can easily take it to the person who is injured.

Weight3000 g


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