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RescueMe AIS MOB1 is the absolute latest of emergency transmitters available on the market. What distinguishes MOB1 is its size, or maybe more, lack of size as it is the world’s smallest AIS MOB device!

Simple Life Jacket integration Easy integration on your life jacket

High intensity strobe High intensity strobe

Fast accurate positioning Fast and accurate location AIS (Automatic Identification System)

Automatic activation Automatic activation

30% smaller icon 30% smaller

24+ hours operational life Sends 24 hours

5 year warranty 5 year warranty

7 year battery life 7 years battery life

Integrated DSC transmitter (digital selective calling) * Integrated DSC transmitter for VHF with DSC functionality *


When AIS MOB1 is activated, it sends an emergency signal via the two AIS frequencies available, as well as via a DSC frequency. This allows anyone who has an AIS transponder, or AIS receiver. On board will be able to receive emergency signals from your AIS MOB1 device. If the boat / ship also has a VHF radio with DSC functionality on board, the emergency signals will also be able to be received by the VHF radio *. The AIS transponder / receiver can also be connected to a plotter, radar, navigation app and / or PC. If this also has a chart program with newer software **, your AIS MOB will appear as a MOB unit in the presentation unit.

If the presentation device has slightly older software, your AIS MOB1 (just like any other AIS MOB device) will appear as a boat (triangle). However, it does so with an MMSI number starting at 972.

AIS MOB1 can / should be attached to the blowpipe in an automatically inflatable life jacket. When the life jacket is inflated, AIS MOB1 is also activated automatically. In addition to the fact that AIS MOB1 can be activated automatically, it can of course also be activated manually.

    • Weight: 92gr
    • Dimensions: 134x38x27mm

* Special rules for DSC use in AIS MOB devices may apply in different countries. However, there are no specific guidelines from PTS, the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency in Sweden.
** Check with the manufacturer of your chartplotter / radar / navigation app and / or chart software what applies to the software you have in your device.


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