The skipper game

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“Driver’s certificate in a small box”

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With Skepparspelet, the entire crew can learn more about boats and navigation in a fun and easy way.

Here you will find tricky and good questions that can be good to be able to answer for those who are out at sea!

The game contains:

· 70 question cards with 350 questions and answers
Game rules

The questions are divided into five different categories and the dice determine what kind of question it will be:

1 word on board
Quite simply for someone who is a real sea bear. But do not be too sure, there are few who can handle all the words.

2 A look at the chart
Here we take a look at the old honest paper charts. What do all the symbols, beacons and abbreviations mean?

3 Out at Sea
Safety, turning rules, knots and weather are examples of what can appear.

4 Hear & amp; synas
Lanterns, beeps and lighthouses. Might be a little tricky, but good to know.

5 Navigate & think
Now it applies to e.g. to know how far you are going at a certain speed, think about compass courses and practice the international spelling alphabet.

Perfect for anyone considering a Driver’s / Coast Guard Certificate. Also a great way to rehearse the old forgotten knowledge or simply keep it current!


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