Ursuit Warm n’ Cool

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Ursuit Warm n’ Cool undergarment is manufactured of a technical layered material, which makes the suit breathable, elastic, water repellent and above all, balances your body temperature by the Outlast® phase change material. It stores your body heat and makes you cooler when you are hot, and releases it back when you feel cold.

The best sustainability in textiles is achieved by long lifespan. It is the guiding line of all Ursuit products, but the Warm n’ Cool takes the step even further. Recycled materials are used when available, and we are exploring the possibilities to expand the usage of sustainable materials. For example the elastic fleece and the carrying bag of the Warm n’ Cool are using recycled plastic. The YKK Natulon main zipper is manufactured of ocean bound plastic, and is using 50% less water in the dyeing process.

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