Thermofill Light Dam

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Thermofill as material

Thermofill light is made of elastic waterproof material and provides perfect thermal insulation. It is made of a four-layer material where fleece is closest to the body and the outside is a comfortable tricot. The Thermofill membrane is developed by research institutes and manufacturers who are at the forefront, which gives it a unique insulation. Unlike cotton or wool, thermofill can be washed many times without losing its insulation. Many other materials can become bumpy or flat, but thermofill stays in good condition even after many washes. The material also retains most of its insulation capacity even when wet.

Other Features

The suit has ventilation holes in the armpits and on the left arm to provide good circulation of air. The suit also has a zipper with double locks, a chest pocket with a zipper and a larger pocket on the thighs. The waistband is wide and the material in the sleeves and collar is elastic.


Also available in herrmodell

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Features Thermofill light

  • Waterproof X-Tex breathable membrane
  • The innermost layer is made of comfortable fleece material
  • The outer layer is made of comfortable knitwear
  • High insulation capacity
  • Elastic and waterproof material
  • Double zipper zipper
  • Ventilation holes in the left arm and in the armpits
  • Flexible pockets on thighs and chest
Dimensions4000 cm

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