uses so-called cookies. It is used to improve your experience of our website. We do this by e.g. measure how flows of visitors act on our website. From which page do you get the most customer inquiries, purchases of which products, etc. Cookies are also used by third parties (Facebook, Google AdSense etc.) to be able to target ads and by WordPress which is our web publishing platform.

What types of cookies are there?

Below we describe the types of cookies that exist, what we know, and which we use and how they are used by Seapax.

What types of cookies are there?

Advertising cookies are placed on your computer by advertisers and ad server software. This is to be able to direct the right ad to the right person. The page you are visiting is often used as the main parameter to target the ad. A page about underfloor heating e.g. is more likely to show ads about companies that sell underfloor heating. But if you have previously visited another site, these software can recognize you and e.g. target ads from websites you have previously visited. These cookies thus allow advertisers to collect information about your visits and other websites. This type of advertisement is aimed at how the computer was used, and not at a person. Thus, these ads should not collect personal data about you.

Cookies for analyzes

We use this type of cookie to analyze how our visitors, from an aggregate perspective, use the website. It is the Google Analytics tool that we use. Since we regularly update functions on the website to improve the website, it is important for us to be able to measure whether these changes improve or worsen our visitors’ experience of the website.

Cookies for customized and web developed parts of

We intend to simplify e.g. contact forms and the like so that you need to fill in as little information as possible. There we can use (far from always) cookies to store from e.g. which page you came to so you do not have to fill in what type of service you want help with. You can turn off these cookies, but then your experience of the website may be affected.

Cookies for personalization of

We do not currently use this type of cookie. Personalization cookies are often used to personalize the experience for you, based on your previous visits to the site.

Cookies that WordPress uses uses the world’s largest so-called CMS tool for websites, ie WordPress. WordPress has its own cookies. But also so-called additional functions in WordPress (so-called plugins) can use cookies. WordPress cookies can not be stopped individually, but you can “turn off” all cookies in your browser

Cookies for security

Cookies can also focus on security, ie to prevent attacks and the like on the website. This is often a so-called WordPress plugin or something that the web host has installed on its servers (eg cloudflare). One such example could be that we do not want to allow a specific IP address to visit the website more than normal (eg more than 200 times in a day). A user who uses the site, we consider to be abusing the site and downloading the servers. This is usually a hacker who tries to ruin our website and thus the experience for our visitors. We try to identify those who misuse the site (via the ip address) and block this ip address when misusing it.

Cookies used by third parties

Third party cookies can be placed on your computer. One such example is the Facebook network. There, based on different campaigns they have, they can offer different products to different users. You can turn off these cookies manually in your browser.

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