If you need service for your suit or inflatable lifejacket – we can arrange it quick and simple:

Inflatable lifejacket
We arrange service of your inflatable lifejacket. It needs to be checked every year by a servicestation or by yourself. Seapax arrange the service for you so you can feel safe while your wear it.  Wei inspect so it keeps the air inside and check when it is time to change the cartridge and the CO2 cylinder.
You can leave and and pick it up again in our shop at Rålambshovsleden 42 or if you prefer, you can send it to us and we can resent it to you with a small fee.

We arrange service on your resquesuit or drysuit. We check it carefully with a pressuretest like the first step. Then we give a costsuggestion for what needs to be done. At this step you can accept or deny. Seapax has worked with Ursuits drysuits for more than 10 year and not until now we have started to get questons for service. That must be a very good renommé for Ursuits suits.